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ICS was established in 1988 and we’ve been helping companies just like you ever since. So ask yourself, what would you do differently, if you could create exactly the software you need? Software that lets you do something no-one else has done before? Software that solves a difficult or seemingly impossible problem? Or transforms the way you work?    With the help of ICS, you’ve can have it.

With ICS at your side, the possibilities are impressive. We add new features to existing software suites. We can often connect computer programmes from different vendors. ICS creates solutions that help you automate complex jobs, work faster, and work smarter.

From Sage to Microsoft Office®, databases to web integration – if you can think of a problem, there’s a good chance ICS can create the answer.
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Don’t wait to personalise Sage. Call ICS now, and discover how a great product can put you centre stage.
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It’s everything good about Office®: ICS just tames it, and makes it play nicely with other applications. Contact us now, and learn how ICS can customise Microsoft Office® for your organisation.
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ICS specialises in coaxing data into becoming knowledge. Sometimes, that means writing optimised databases.
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