Innovation? It loves being set free

What was your last ‘Eureka’ moment? That split second when you realised your business, your organisation, your team… could do something completely new? Didn’t it feel good? Knowing you’d hit on a clever way to save time, or money, or effort? The world didn’t end. It got a little brighter.


Welcome to your ‘Eureka’ moment for software. That instant when you understand computer programmes can be more relevant, and more customised. That instant when you appreciate tailored software can actually be more cost-effective, and productive, than off-the-shelf options.

It’s obvious, when you think about it. ICS provides freelance service, for the ultimate in flexibility. No overheads. No technical risks. No convoluted development routes. Just delivery, and only delivery. In some ways, it’s the ultimate in performance-related pay.


ICS is there when you need advice, training, development or support. ICS codes software to match your performance wish list – and we leave out everything else. You don’t pay us for unnecessary features. You don’t pay for a million pound marketing budget, and slick TV adverts. You pay for smarter, better, faster.

Well, it is the 21st century.u00a0 And with ICS freelance support, you can finally have software systems that respond to your demands. Call ICS now, and set your software free.

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