Turn data into knowledge

Everyone has data, but only some of us have knowledge. Knowledge understands how your business really works. Knowledge turns numbers into the bigger picture. Knowledge connects the dots between you, and potential customers. Knowledge understands relationships. Knowledge asks: what’s important?

Data? That sits in your databases. Knowledge? It’s the way you use the data. The way you design the database. The way you search, and sort, and manage raw information. The way you connect your database to other software systems, and share the right information with the right people, at the right time.


ICS knows that knowledge is choosy. Not just about the software you use – SQL Server®, Microsoft Access®, or Excel®. About the way you create complex, multi-table databases. About redundancy of information, and careful software engineering.

Database Skills

ICS specialises in coaxing data into becoming knowledge. Sometimes, that means writing optimised databases. At other times, creating templates and apps. Or improving existing databases. Or sharing output. It’s whatever you need, to be as knowledgeable as you need. If you want to know more, call ICS today.

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