Sage gets personal

There are lots of reasons to love Sage. With ICS, you have even more. If Sage is already at the heart of your organisation, ICS can help you tailor it for even better performance. If you want to introduce Sage, ICS can help you connect it to existing systems, and fit into the way you work.


Think of Sage as the lifeblood of your business: ICS in Exeter, Devon helps it flow smoothly. Sage data can flow into Excel®, so you see the bigger picture. Data can flow into Sage from other systems, instantly and automatically. No hold-ups. No formatting glitches. No human errors, or lost information.


ICS is also expert at creating Sage-friendly applications: applications that talk Sage’s language, and know how to get the most from it. So, Sage captures important data from your most vital functions: from sales order processing to stock control, and from purchasing to payroll.

Don’t wait to personalise Sage. Call ICS now, and discover how a great product can put you centre stage.

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