Power and control

Big software suites can be beautiful. They can also be a little scary: with great power, comes a great big bundle of menu options. Customisable features. And preference panes. If you want to get more from Microsoft Office®, ICS makes it reassuringly simple.

Share data

ICS can help you share data between different Office® applications: seamlessly integrating Worde®, Access®, Excel®, Outlook® and PowerPoint®. We can streamline complex tasks, and speed up humdrum processes. We can connect Office® to other software systems, too.

Dramatic Benefits

The benefits can be dramatic. Excel® sales data flows into PowerPoint® reports in the blink of an eye. Access® contact databases integrate with Outlook®, keeping everyone in the loop. Letters created in Word® are saved as PDFs, and emailed in moments.

It’s everything good about Office®: ICS just tames it, and makes it play nicely with other applications. Contact us now, and learn how ICS can customise Microsoft Office® for your organisation.

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